Redefining Self-Care: Moving Beyond the Myths and Mandates

Redefining Self-Care: Moving Beyond the Myths and Mandates

In this thought-provoking episode of "Can I Say That?", host Bonnie Wicks dives into the complex world of self-care. She shares her personal definition of self-care as a bath-loving, candle-burning enthusiast, while acknowledging that this picture-perfect image isn't for everyone.

Bonnie explores the different camps of self-care, from those who view it as selfish and indulgent to those who feel pressured by the "self-care mandate." She questions how businesses, like her own Pamperology, can authentically promote self-care products without preying on women's stress and busyness.

The conversation also delves into the balance between individual and community-based self-care, with Bonnie proposing that true self-care starts with nurturing oneself before extending that care to others. She emphasizes the importance of receiving support and love from the community as part of a holistic approach to well-being.

This episode is an open invitation to listeners to reflect on their own perceptions of self-care. Bonnie encourages her audience to share their thoughts, experiences, and questions via Instagram DMs, sparking a much-needed dialogue about redefining self-care in a way that is authentic, nourishing, and empowering for all.

Join the conversation and let's start a self-care revolution together!


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