At Pamperology, we believe in the transformative power of self-care and the importance of creating sacred spaces in our daily lives. Our mission is to help you elevate your everyday routines into meaningful rituals, providing you with the tools to find moments of peace, presence, and reconnection.

Pamperology was born from the personal experiences of a mother-daughter duo, Bonnie and Wendy, who have both faced mental health challenges and discovered the healing potential of self-care.

Bonnie's Journey

For Bonnie, the love of aromatherapy and candles has always been a source of comfort. During her struggles with mental health, she found solace at the bottom of her bath, a sacred space where she could cry without fear. Seeking a creative outlet, Bonnie discovered the art of candle-making and fell in love with the process. Over the years, she learned the power of self-care tools in transforming everyday rituals. Now, Bonnie actively nurtures her mental well-being by indulging in hot baths with her favorite Glimmer Bath Soak and a flickering candle nearby.

Wendy's Story

When Bonnie considered closing down her business due to a move, her mother, Wendy, stepped in and took the reins. Little did Wendy know that this decision would lead to a profound personal awakening. The business came into her life during a period of grief, following the loss of her long-term partner. Through this experience, Wendy realised that much of her life had been dedicated to serving others, leaving little room for self-care. Creating candles and exploring scent combinations rekindled a light within her, sparking creativity and emphasizing the importance of taking moments for herself.