The Power of Curiosity: Transforming Fear into Fascination

The Power of Curiosity: Transforming Fear into Fascination

Cultivating Curiosity: A Gateway to Connection and Self-Discovery

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to fall into routines that dull our senses and disconnect us from the beauty of life's small moments. At Pamperology, we believe in the power of curiosity to awaken our inner glow and foster deeper connections. Join us as we explore how embracing curiosity can transform our daily experiences and nurture our souls.


The Lost Art of Curiosity

When was the last time you arrived at your destination and wondered, "How did I get here?" Or found yourself engaging in the same polite, superficial conversations day after day? These moments of autopilot are symptoms of a larger issue: the loss of curiosity in our daily lives.

Curiosity, at its core, is a strong desire to know or learn something. It's the willingness to explore the unknown, seek out new experiences, and dive deeper into the world around us. Unfortunately, our modern world often discourages curiosity:

  • We're told that "curiosity killed the cat," instilling fear of the unknown.
  • Educational systems sometimes stifle questioning in favor of conformity.
  • Our productivity-driven society leaves little room for exploration and wonder.


The Magic of Embracing Curiosity

By rekindling our natural sense of curiosity, we open ourselves to a world of benefits:

  1. Personal Growth: Curiosity leads us to new knowledge and experiences, expanding our horizons.
  2. Deeper Empathy: By exploring different perspectives, we develop greater understanding and compassion for others.
  3. Richer Connections: Genuine curiosity in others helps us forge more meaningful relationships.
  4. Expanded Awareness: Curiosity encourages mindfulness, helping us fully engage with the present moment.


Cultivating Curiosity: A 7-Day Challenge

Ready to invite more curiosity into your life? Here's a week-long challenge to help you rediscover the joy of exploration:

  1. Engage in New Experiences: Try a new cooking class, dance style, or yoga practice.
  2. Explore New Routes: Take a different path home, visit a new park, or discover a hidden beach.
  3. Ask Better Questions: When conversing, dig deeper with "why" questions and show genuine interest.
  4. Practice Mindful Reflection: Get curious about your own behaviors and motivations.
  5. Start Conversations with Strangers: (Safely) engage with new people and learn their stories.
  6. Challenge Your Assumptions: Question the stories you tell yourself about the world and others.
  7. Embrace the Unexpected: When surprises occur, approach them with openness rather than judgment.

Remember, curiosity is about suspending judgment and approaching life with an open heart and mind. It's about creating those sacred pauses between breaths where true connection – with ourselves and others – can flourish.


Creating Space for Curiosity

At Pamperology, we believe that cultivating curiosity starts with creating sacred spaces in our lives. Our bath, body, and abode products are designed to help you carve out moments of tranquility where your natural sense of wonder can flourish.

As you embark on this journey of curiosity, consider how you can transform your environment to support this practice. Perhaps it's lighting a CocoSoy candle during your evening reflection or indulging in a soothing bath soak as you ponder the day's new discoveries.


Embrace the Journey

Cultivating curiosity is a beautiful, ongoing process. It may feel challenging at first, especially if you're naturally judgmental (as many of us are!). But with practice, you'll find that curiosity opens your heart, expands your mind, and brings a sense of lightness and joy to your daily experiences.

We invite you to join us in this exploration of curiosity. Share your experiences, challenges, and discoveries with our community. Together, we can create a more connected, compassionate, and wonder-filled world – one curious moment at a time.


Remember, at Pamperology, we're here to support you in creating those sacred spaces where curiosity and self-discovery can flourish. Explore our collection of pampering products designed to awaken your inner glow and nourish your soul's innate sense of wonder.


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 Is it bad to think about, okay, that's his life experience? What took him to that stage? Like, what in his mind prompted him to drink his own pee? And those are some questions that I think is, is beautiful for us as humans to explore. Because at the moment we are living in silos and we are all desperate, or at least I know I am.

And I know a lot of my friends are desperate for true connection. without the judgment. Welcome to Can I Say That? A podcast by Pemperology where we create a safe space for women to share their stories, embrace vulnerability, and be truly seen. In a world that often shies away from difficult conversations, we believe in the power of speaking our truth.

We're here to dive into the grey areas, to tackle the topics that are often whispered behind closed doors and to bring them into the light. Each week, we'll be joined by incredible women who will be bravely sharing their experiences, their challenges, and their triumphs. Together, we'll explore the questions that keep us up at night.

The fears that hold us back and the dreams that inspired us forward. This is a space for empowerment, for support, for confronting our demons and for celebrating our victories. It's a space where we can grow, learn, and heal together. But fair warning, This podcast isn't for the faint of heart. We'll be delving into real raw and sometimes uncomfortable territory.

We'll be pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and facing our fears head on. Because here's the thing, growth and comfort rarely coexist, but on the other side of discomfort lies transformation, strength, and the power to create the lives we've always wanted. So if you're ready to get to go on this journey of self discovery, Listen on, can I say that welcome home and let's dive in.

Hello and welcome to another episode of, can I say that this is going to be another short solo episode with me, Bonnie Wicks, your host today. I just want to ask you something. When was the last time that you were driving home and you kind of. Got to your house, or you got to work, or you got to wherever you're going that you normally go quite often.

And then you think to yourself, how did I get here? It's like that was completely done in a daydream. How many times would that happen to you? How many times Do you stand in a coffee line and someone asks how your day was and you go, Good, and you do the polite thing and, you know, how are you? And they're like, good.

And then that's kind of it. Or you talk about the weather and you might be wondering what has this all got to do with each other? And it brings me to a word that I really want to have a bit of a discussion with you about today. And that word is curiosity. Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something.

It involves a willingness to explore and embrace the unknown, driving us to seek out new experiences and knowledge. Curiosity leads to personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world. It promotes empathy and connection by encouraging us to explore different perspectives. And it helps us be open to new relationships, to foster compassion and reduce judgment.

It is so goddamn vital and it's something that I'm only just learning about now. The importance of that word curiosity. And I can't really blame us. When you think about it, everything in about our world is designed to reduce curiosity. We don't like curiosity because we don't like the unknown. We are told that curiosity killed the cat, which means that if you go exploring outside of your safe zone, if you try and find the unknown, you can get killed, which is like the worst thing in our minds that can possibly happen to us.

Throughout schooling, most schools don't encourage questioning. In fact, it can really be seen as a bad thing, questioning. It can be seen as interrupting. Or, even in our peer group, we don't want to appear silly or stupid by asking the wrong questions, and so we kind of just stick to the same old, we take the same route every day.

We don't take different places to go to because we don't like the unknown. The unknown is scary, and it also comes back to productivity as well. The unknown takes time. We don't know, is this way going to be shorter or quicker? Is it going to have a lot of traffic? Are we going to get held up and we're not going to like it?

And so we just stick to the same old routine. And I really want to challenge you over the next week. How can you invite more curiosity into your life? Some of the ways that I have been doing it is when I am waiting for a coffee and someone comes up and speaks to me. If I ask them, how are you? And they say, yeah, pretty good.

I'll dig a bit deeper. I'm like, Oh, what's going good. You know, what's been some of your highlights of this week. And I genuinely have to remind myself to be curious about it. And I actually ask out of a place of wanting to know. And you should see them light up. Oh, my loves! We are all so starved of attention and actually being seen, that when someone genuinely wants to know, wants to listen to you, that is just pure magic.

Now, I think I'm a bit of an introvert. I really don't like small talk, and normally I'm those, I'm that type of person that will sit at a cafe with her phone on, my earbuds in. I don't want to talk to someone. So, when I challenge you to maybe start a conversation with a stranger And get curious about them.

Think about, what was their life like? Like, are they married? Are they not married? Have they lost someone they love? What have they gone through? And get curious. Ask them open questions. I'm doing this out of a place where I know how hard that can be. I know how hard it is to open up. Now, trust me, this can lead to some wild, wild, wild results.

It wasn't too long ago where I was trialling this and I sat down at a cafe. And there's a man there. And we got talking. I'm like, ah, how are you? And he's like, not too bad. And he started telling me how he just got back from the doctors and that all his test results are really clear. And I'm like, well, that's really good.

And then he turns to me and he goes, don't tell anyone this. But the secret is I drink my own pee. And I was sitting there going, wow, that conversation took a friggin wild turn. I'm like, oh, okay. And he's like, and then he starts telling me about how he believes in God, but he is following this, uh, traditional Eastern health diet.

And he is drinking his own pee. And he believes that he, that's, Why he is feeling fantastic and that he's got a granddaughter on the way. And it was a wild conversation. And I left that a little bit shell shocked, but also like good on him. Like this guy, this elderly gentleman just had a really good conversation.

He was able to get things off his chest and it was completely different to what I would expect and not something I would want or recommend anyone to do. Is it that bad to hear someone's different experience, life experience? Is it wrong for someone else who's not harming anyone to drink their own pee?

Is it wrong to listen to that and Is it bad to think about, okay, that's his life experience. What took him to that stage? Like what in his mind prompted him to drink his own pee? And those are some questions that I think is, is beautiful for us as humans to explore because at the moment we are living in silos and we are all desperate.

Well, at least I know I am, and I know a lot of my friends are desperate for true connection without the judgment. And this is where the word curiosity comes into place. It is being curious about why. Who are they and why? Like, why do they do that? Why? Without the judgment. Curiosity can't have any judgment attached to it because then you lose the benefits of it.

And I can tell you, in my life, this cultivation of curiosity is bringing me so much joy and fulfillment. It is hard. I am a judgmental person. That is one of my flaws that I lovingly say, but it's something that I have to actively. Be careful of, because I do have a judgy personality. I have stories in my mind that judges people.

That's right. That's wrong. And I think that is a, also a natural human emotion. But when we can suspend that judgment, when we can leave from a place of curiosity, I feel that our solar plexus and our heart chakra starts to open up. We start to expand. That separation that we feel between ourselves and other people in the world starts to dissolve a little bit.

We start to feel more connected, more energized, more rejuvenated by the world that we live in. Now, isn't that just amazing? So here is a few challenges for you to get started for this curiosity challenge. First of all, engage in new experiences, go to a new cooking class, learn a new style of dance, maybe try a yin yoga class.

If you normally do Ahatha Yoga. Try new experiences and be open to it. Maybe. How do you know you don't like running if you've never run? How do you know you don't like weightlifting if you've never done it? Try new experiences and also try new routes. Go for a walk in a different place. Go to a different park.

Go to a different beach. Drive a new way home. Explore curiosity in new experiences. The second is to ask better questions. Ask any questions when you are talking to someone, keep asking questions. Like why? Like, oh, hey, why do you like this? What was your favorite part of this? What was your best part of the week?

Actually ask deeper questions than the superficial. How are you? How was your week? You know, the weather's crap, that type of stuff. Really start being curious with your questions. And then the next one is to practice mindfulness and reflection. Get curious with yourself. Why do I like driving the same way home every day?

What behavior does this keep me safe from? What do I get from this behavior? Is that really what I want? What do I get from being in a cafe and keeping my earbuds on and looking at my phone? Now, if you really do just need that time to shut off, I'm not judging you for that. I'm not saying you need to put yourself out of your zone if you really need that safety net.

Find other ways to be curious, but be curious with yourself. Why do you do these certain things? Like, challenge some of the stories that you have in your mind and get curious about your own feelings. Oh, I cannot describe to you how delicious curiosity is to our human souls. It is something we are born with.

My children ask up to a hundred questions a day. They are just born. We are, we, we were children, we are still children. We We have this innate need for exploration and growth and curiosity and it has been dampened by our structure and our systematic world that we live in. I just want to help you cultivate that open, beautiful curiosity again.

So join me in this seven day curiosity challenge and let's really start breaking down this separation that we are building between ourselves, the world and other people. Alright, that's it for today. Much love and light. Thank you. Thank you for joining me on another episode of Can I Say That? I hope you got value from this, and I hope that it has lit your soul on fire, has inspired you, empowered you, or made you feel seen and loved.

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Until next time, I'm sending much love and light, and may you be seen and heard. 

Bonnie Wicks host of Can I Say That? Podcast